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Honeymoon in South America

(destination Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands)
for sun, surfing, sand, diving, rock climbing, mountains,
tiny love shacks on beaches, and adventure!

We sincerely appreciate your help with our honeymoon.

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fold the page, place in envelope with your check, and mail to:

Dan Snyder & Tammy McMinn ▪ 18445 W. 59th Drive ▪ Golden, CO  80403


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Picture Description Price Qty Total
Two glasses of wine. It's time for us to relax and kickoff the honeymoon by sampling some local wine from the Chaupi Estancia Winery. $10    
A romantic dinner for two on the beach. We walk barefoot in the sand to our table where we can hear the ocean waves and see the bright stars above. We gently wiggle our toes in the sand as we gaze at the candle light, each others eyes, and crashing waves. The waiter recommends fresh catch of the day, his favorite side dish, and an amazing dessert. $30    
Surf lessons. Did you always want to try out the feeling of being in a large washing machine? Are you ready for this life changing day? We will take you to the shores of Montanita in Ecuador where our professional surf instructor will make sure you feel like a surfer! $25    
Massage. Time to recover from the surf lesson, I thought they were going to put the washing machine on the gentle cycle. This massage is paradise. A warm breeze blows across the clear blue ocean as the muscles and mind surrender. $20    

Diving. The Galapagosí marine life is so varied, fearless, abundant and amazing, that the Islands are considered one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. Dive with thousands of fish (both big and small), sea lions, rays, turtles, morays, and garden eels. Encounter harmless white tip and hammerhead sharks, snorkel with dolphins and - in the right season - meet a whale shark. $40    
Cabana rental and drinks. Spoiling ourselves with an afternoon of chilling on the beach. Did somebody say happy hour starts at noon? Where is that cabana boy?! Since we are on island time, perhaps we'll have time for snorkeling before he brings the drinks. $20    

Rock climbing. We need to rent gear, since we are traveling light. The summit is not the goal. The only important thing is to go by unexplored and adventurous routes. Both force and grace are needed to scale the obstacles that nature imposes on us. Maximum concentration is required when climbing the enormous rocks as we ascend. Shoes $10, harness $5. $15    
Samba lessons. Time to loosen up with the locals and learn their native dance, which is spirited, beautiful, and exotic.  After dinner, we slip into a local club, take a few lessons, and then samba the night away. $15    
Sea Kayaking the Galapagos. Just after sunrise we jump in our kayaks and paddle towards a deserted beach. Few places on earth allow for such close contact with wildlife as the Galapagos Islands. Words simply cannot describe the intense wonder we experience while exploring these oceanic islands where the birds and animals have little fear of humans. $25    
Snorkel in the Galapagos. We'll play in the water with sea lions, get within a few feet of blue footed boobies, marine iguanas and the giant Galapagos tortoises. Watch pelicans and boobies dive for fish, snorkel in transparent water rich with sea-life and even swim with sharks. $15    
Quito Old Town. Taking a stroll through Calle Olmedo in old town and stopping for a dessert or two.  What will it be tonight, tres leches or helado de paila? One of each please, yum! $10    
Bottle of champagne at sunset. After filling our glasses, we carefully place the bottle in the sand to the right of the hammock and watch the sun slowly set. As the last glimpse of light appears on the horizon, we raise our glasses in honor of our love for each other and for our dear friends and family. Cheers! $30    

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Dan Snyder & Tammy McMinn ▪ 18445 W. 59th Drive ▪ Golden, CO  80403

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