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Mountain Health

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Mountain Health

Elevation in Breckenridge 9,600 feet.

Altitude Sickness

If you are coming from sea level, please spend at least one night in Denver at 5,281 feet (a mile above sea level).

At least half the visitors to the Rockies will experience some effect of the altitude. Mild (and benign) symptoms include fatigue, with shortness of breath with exertion, mild sleep disturbance, headache, nausea and/or decreased appetite. These are usually worst on the second day and are relieved with hydration, rest and Tylenol or ibuprofen. More serious and concerning symptoms include shortness of breath at rest, worsening headache, confusion, and difficulty walking. Any of these symptoms should be evaluated by a physician as they may require descent to a lower altitude for resolution.

If you are elderly and not used to the altitude or have a medical condition, please consider having your doctor prescribe oxygen for use during your stay.

To avoid altitude sickness, stay well-hydrated (3-4 quarts of water per day!), as acclimatization is often accompanied by fluid loss. Smoking can exacerbate breathing trouble, while alcohol and other sedating drugs can depress respiratory rate, both worsening altitude symptoms.

If you are concerned about the altitude, your doctor will most likely prescribe diamox to bring with you. Diamox will help you acclimate quicker when taken 1-2 weeks in advance and half a tablet at night during your stay increases your respiratory rate helping you to sleep.

Learn more about altitude sickness.


Alcohol at altitude can have a stronger effect than at sea level… we’re excited to celebrate with everyone, but please be safe! The rule is two waters to every one alcoholic drink.


Colorado temperatures fluctuate and evenings in the mountains can be cool, so dressing in layers is a good idea. Weather can also change quickly, with sunny skies interrupted by brief but impressive thunderstorms. Mornings are the best bet for clear skies and outdoor activities, but it’s always smart to take a raincoat along.

Sun Exposure

The sun is 40% stronger at the altitude of Breckenridge and the thin atmosphere makes it much easier to burn. Sunscreen and sunglasses with UV protection are critical, as is lip balm.

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