Dan Snyder & Tammy McMinn's Wedding
August 29, 2009



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Valentine's Day 2008

Our Story

How we met... on match.com!  Tammy's title caught Dan's trained firefighter eye, "I Play With Fire, The Real Kind!"  (Far more than the title caught his eye.)

1st Date:  June 27, 2007 (Jerusalem restaurant)

4th Date:  777 Party at Pat Smith's home, where Dan and Tammy discovered they have mutual friends who almost set them up 3 months earlier!

Trips Together:  Ojo Caliente, NM, Taos, NM, Nagshead, NC (Dan's family reunion), Prescott, AZ (Tammy's family reunion), and San Francisco, CA. Tons of skiing/snowboarding in Breckenridge, CO (our second home), most recently Silverton Mountain and the Last Dollar hut in the San Juan Mountains.

Engaged:  October 24, 2008 on Dan's birthday.

One afternoon in May of 2008, Dan walked in and casually dropped this bomb, “So I went and looked at rings today… and I just couldn’t find anything that suited you.” That started a brief search which ended with a custom ring we designed together. Tammy was allowed to see the ring in blue wax but not in the white gold we decided on and was allowed to decide on the size, clarity, and shape of the diamond but couldn’t see it ahead of time. Tammy believes black diamonds, meaning double black diamonds on the ski slopes are a girls best friend, so it was important to capture this symbol in the design. She patiently waited – while Dan was nerve wracked about what the “right time” would look like – until October 24th, a few hurricanes later (as in Gustav & Ike), when she surprised Dan, on his birthday, with a trip to San Francisco and he surprised her in return with a ring that’s classy, elegant and almost as beautiful as she is.
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